Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cali Wrap Up

Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks since we got home from CA. I guess it’s time I put that trip to bed, blogwise. I’ll keep the comments short, and may even aspire to pithy.

Dry heat is still hot. But at least it feels like air, not soup. It’s easier to breathe. I liked it. I guess I would prefer the desert to the jungle.

The sheer variety of fantastic flowering plants is quite something. And the growing season! I’m not a gardener but I can certainly appreciate the attraction.

I would love to visit in the spring rainy season and see the hills all green instead of brown.

It’s not all hot and dry. I was impressed by the difference near the coast. Much more temperate. I like the Northern CA coast quite a lot. Yup…me and about, what? 8 million other people?

Californians are people too. For the most part anyway. I didn’t get to LA, so I may be working with too small a statistical sample.

I think I would learn to surf if I lived near the coast. I would use a big board and say I am retro. Look at me! I'm the retro surfing gorilla!

3 days after returning, I’m laying in bed at 12:30 a.m. My wife whispers, “Are you still awake?” I reply, “Yeah.” She says, “Why are we still awake.” I said, “Because it’s 9:30 in California.”

We can both see why people would want to live there. We aren’t moving…yet. But we can see why people would.

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