Monday, November 5, 2007

Wings of a Dove

On a recently aired episode of A Prairie Home Companion, they featured the old gospel tune On the Wings of a Dove. They did a bit of a sendup on the old standard, coming up with variations using different birds.

Sing these to the Tune of On the Wings of a Dove . You can hear the original bit, including the tune here (the singing starts about 8:20 into segment 4).

On the wings of a large gray goose
He sets your spirit loose
He will introduce
You to Hera and Zeus.

On the wings of a chickadee
He sets your spirit free.
For eternity
You'll be glad as can be.

On the wings of an albatross
He takes our souls across
And comforts our loss
With horseradish sauce.

On the wings of a great white swan
We rise to meet the dawn
Then we will be gone
To the beauty salon.

On the wings of a great horned owl
We will join other fowl
Let the timberwolves howl
We'll throw in the towel.

These got me thinking, so I came up with a few additional choruses of my own.

On the back of a big ostrich
I see a time in which
I’ll climb out of the ditch
And be (spiritually) rich.

On the wings of a great penguin
I will feel quite sanguine.
He’s forgiven my sin.
I have peace deep within.

On the beak of a singing lark
Morning shall chase the dark.
I can hear the dogs bark
Heaven is a nice park.

On the song of a sweet brown thrush
My heart feels such a rush.
I cannot say hush
To a song that’s so lush.

On the wings of a woodpecker
Your debt is a deal breaker.
They will bring a wrecker.
It will haul off your car.

On the wings of a flying duck
I fly high off the muck
I shot a big buck
He has given me luck.

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