Friday, April 4, 2008

Providence and Prescriptions


I don’t have time to go into a tremendous amount of detail, but suffice it to say that The LORD has shown His mighty arm and His compassionate heart this week.

I wrote earlier about our concerns regarding affording medication for my wife’s condition. After a significant amount of effort and legwork, we have been told that the maker of the drug has offered to supply the drug for the next year, as part of their assistance program. We must max out our prescription insurance cap, and then the manufacturer’s assistance program will take over. This news was much hoped for, but not expected. We certainly did not expect to hear about it this quickly. God is kind to us.

It is great news, but we are not out of the woods yet. We must find out whether the drug will actually have the desired effect, without the undesired effects. Please pray that this new medication will do the trick, and that we will be patient as we watch and wait. Thank you for all the prayers you have already sent. Your prayers and encouragement are as much a sign of God's grace to us as His provision.

As with many people, this is one of many issues we are wrestling with, but it is certainly the most urgent. We are greatly encouraged that God’s providence will upholds us in all our trials. We give Him thanks always.

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Anonymous said...

Praise God! We have been out of the loop for a week. Sorry to not be able to respond sooner!

What good news! I'll do my best to call tomorrow as, I am assuming, the news of the medicine needed came from a recent Dr. appt.

Talked with my parents today and they had read the blog also. (amazing, I didn't know they knew about things like blogs... :) ) They are praying, also!

Love you all so much!