Monday, July 28, 2008

How I spent my Weekend

Tornados in New Hampshire? It does happen. I remember one tearing through Gilmanton when I was a kid.

Well, it happened again. I wasn't in the middle of it, but some of my neighbors were. I spent the weekend wielding a chain saw, toting logs and hauling brush. Whoo! That's some fun work right there. I intend to post a bit more later on, but check the two links below for local coverage. I was unable to embed the videos. There are two reports from Barnstead. Look those up to see what I was seeing.

The storm was quite intense and struck a path over 40 miles long. It was also very localized. We live about 2 miles from the destruction, as the crow flies. We lost cable/internet/phone service, but kept power and had not wind or tree damage. My friends were right in the middle of the scenes shown in these news reports. I worked with them most of the weekend to get their property cleared of all except the largest and most dangerous trees.

Kudos to the good folks at NH Electric Cooperative. They worked hard and get power back up by Friday night.

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