Sunday, August 17, 2008

Watch your Altitude Mister!

Got back late Friday nite from a business trip to Denver. While there, I had several occasions to do some physical training. Went for a run on Wednesday morning. Planned to go 2-3 miles at a moderate pace, not pushing hard. My aim was mostly just to get out, get active, and get the blood moving. Not looking for a “pushing myself to a higher level of performance” type of workout.
About a mile and half in I noticed that I was really kind of dragging. I wasn’t going fast, even for me, but it just felt tough. I had gotten a good night’s sleep the previous night but felt a bit like I do when I am running low on sleep. What gives?
Then it hit me. Altitude. I was a mile high in the air running with no oxygen. OK, not really NO oxygen, but apparently a lot less. So…I decided to start doing wind sprints. I figured that with the reduced air resistance I would break even. Yeah. Not so much really.
I did a couple of weight workouts over the next two days. Oof dah! Swings. Snatches. Clean and jerks. 400 reps overall the first time. The second workout I went easier only totaling 300 reps. Both times just blasted me. I am still sore. Oh but it is such a gooood pain.
I also noticed that altitude seems to affect my body’s metabolism of alcohol. I had one beer on Thursday night, and got a little buzz off of that. I’m 200 lbs, and that has never happened before. Not with just one. The good news is that I figure I got 3 to 5 times the benefit out of each rep at 5000 feet than I’m getting here. Let’s hear it for efficiency!

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