Sunday, June 10, 2007


So, the wildlife census this week includes a wild tom turkey, a fox, a HUGE spider web (an orb almost 3 feet across) and a loon.

My kids and wife observed the fox over the space of about an hour, napping in the tall grass behind our house, and wandering through the woods nearby looking for a little mousy snack. Seemed like odd behavior for a fox as they are usually so cagey and hard to spot.

The loon we saw today while swimming at the lake. Them are big birds. They apparently nest in the weeds and swampy area to the west of the beach. Beautiful beautiful birds.

I love living in a place where we are surrounded by lots of friends. I love it even more that my kids get to see them. We are not alone.


Anonymous said...

Animals from my office window: Deer, Bald Eagle, Great Horned Owl, Fox, Turkey!, an asortment of Hawks and a couple of snakes. Ron Jung

Dubbahdee said...

I'm not meaning to imply that NH is the only place that has wildlife. Animals certainly manage to survive and thrive in rural, suburban and urban areas. You are sitting on the edge between a highly settled area and a wildlife refuge, and I suppose that has to help.
I have to ask, though...what were you doing staring out the window when you should be WORKING!!! I'm sure Mr. Bentz would love to know how you are spending your time. Perhaps if you focused more on study and less on ogling furry beasties, you might be able to give the crowd more for their money come sermon time.

HA! LOL. couldn't resist.