Thursday, June 21, 2007


For those of you who liked my June Quatrains, I must say that my inspiration for those comes from a poet whose work is regularly published in Yankee Magazine. He goes only by the initials D.A.W. For some time now, his quatrains have shown up in the early pages of Yankee and they are so delightfully clever that I adopted his form. I have found it to be great fun.
Four lines of four, each with four trochaic feet (I think) in the scan, a rhyme scheme of AABB. The last line is usually some kind of twist or kicker, a punch line if you will. I little stab of cleverness that makes you laugh, or at least smile at the verbal mischief.
I did a little search and found the poet's website. Although he does not admit to being THE D.A.W. I am quite certain that he is. He is a maker of excellent art prints, and I would encourage anyone to patronize him. Several years ago we purchased one of his works, and it is a treasured item.
I was hoping that would have archived all his poetry, but alas no. There is one example online.
I plan more in upcoming months, as well as excursions into other short forms. I am experimenting with blues as a poetry form. I'll let you know what I find out.

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