Thursday, March 20, 2008

Frost Heaves

Frost heaves are not a symptom of intestinal illness afflicting snowmen. They are a seasonal affliction on the suspension of our cars, and the bane of town road agents everywhere in NH. Moisture gathers under the pavement, freezes, thaws, refreezes and so on. It buckles the pavement, creates sinkholes, forces gaping cracks and just generally makes a tame country lane into a safari adventure, but without the elephants or the mosquitos. They come later. The mosquitos. Not the elephants.

I had my first major run in with frost heaves this year on my way to pick up something from a friend this evening. Loudon road between Pittsfield Rt 28 and Loudon Rt 129 was something else. I couldn't run the car much over 25 mph without endangering the car or my daughter riding in the back. I told her to buckle her seat belt, as we would be experiencing some turbulence. She said, "I'm already buckled in Dad." The joke was lost on her. It was just as well. I had to clench my teeth to keep them from clattering. It made it hard to laugh.

It's March. It's only going to get worse. By late April or May things will have smoothed out a bit. I love NH.

The photo was borrowed from a blog I found of someone who likes to take pictures of NH. Feel free to visit. She has some nice things.

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