Tuesday, September 30, 2008

He Got the Answer

This may be the antidote to the video I recently posted. I don't think the video itself is all that good, but the song....it brings back memories.

I remember listening to this a kid, feeling pretty rebellious. 

A) It was rock and roll - the devil's music.
B) It purported to be Christian, which made it even more insidious. 
C) It had "the perfect lay" in the lyrics. Oh my goodness.

I also remember how it gave me a sort of superior feeling, because I had Jesus, and all those problems he lists weren't my problems. They were problems for those unrighteous unwashed over there. The poetry is so vivid and over the top that the point got a little lost on this good clean Christian kid. Of course, we're all looking for the perfect lay, and we all have dirty needles in our purple veins. All of us. 

But you know what? I know better now. More important, I also know that it's OK. Jesus' got the answer.

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