Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stop Him before Someone Gets Hurt!

This makes me want to start a punk-metal-goth band, so I can cover this tune properly. My video would involve lots of explosions, people falling from buildings in slow motion, biting the heads of small animals and birds, masks, people wearing wings, screaming incoherently, and faces with black tears painted on them. 

Maybe Ben from 10-4 Good Buddy would direct my video and they could play it during their early worship service at his church. It would be very missional, transformative, and seeker sensitive. 

With friends like this...

A hat tip to Wheat Among Tares and Internet Monk

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Wyman said...

Boy, this video's really making the rounds, huh? I saw it a coupla weeks ago, and now I see it on everyone's blog. Who found this thing, anyway?

I'd love to direct your video. No birds, though. That's a deal breaker.

I had a bad experience.