Monday, October 6, 2008

The Lord of Plumbing and the God of the Pipe

Water has lately been spied leaking from around the base of the toilet in our downstairs bathroom. The diagnosis indicated a leaking wax seal. Since I have a record of extending household projects beyond any reasonable time frame, beyond the tolerance of most mortal men, I planned accordingly. When I planned my day, I allowed 6 hours minimum to complete the project, figuring to start around 6:00 pm and finish somewhere around midnight, although to go later would not have surprised me. 

I studied the instructions available online. I purchased the necessary parts at the hardware store. I started a little before 6:00 and was finished about 8:00. And that included going to a friend's house to pick up my youngest daughter, and stopping to eat dinner. 2 hours.

Whoa! Surely the LORD has done a great thing.

And so...A Psalm for Plumbing

God has blessed me greatly. 
He hath given success into my hands. 
The pipe and the wrench do my bidding 
For the LORD has given wisdom to my fingers, 
And skill into the palms of my hands. 
The porcelain obeys me, 
The water goes only where I tell it, 
For the Lord of All Water has taught me the way.
The Lord of All Water has shown me the path.

The throne it leaketh not. 
Even the Great White Seat no longer seeps. 
And peace dwells in the land.

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