Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Charlie Mops and Ipod

I'm so close to being lucky it's a pity.

On one of my recent sojourns to the Commonwealth to the south of us, I came upon a sad little ipod, dented, scarred and obviously lost. I picked it up and stuffed it in my briefcase for examination later. I finally got to it today, and imagine my amazement to find that it worked!

To make a long story short, I probably have located the owner by finding her name recorded in the software. A quick Google reveals that she is an athlete in a local community college located about 10 miles from where I found the ipod. Her name is all over the local papers. Since the only other person with her name that Google brings up is in Australia, it's a safe bet that the athlete is the owner. I sent an indirect message to her coach, since I could not get her address and I figured it best for security purposes to work through an intermediary. I expect to hear from the owner and make arrangements to return the wayward device.

But....until then, I'm pillaging the playlist to see what new music I can find. So far, I kind of like a lot of what I'm hearing. There is a fair amount of irish influence, including irish rock and roll, some live recordings of bar bands. Surprising little rap, hip hop or so-called dance music. And then, like a jewel, I discovered this one beautiful standout among them all...

I found a delightful version on youtube.

I remember watching Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers on NH Public Television when I was but a lad. I loved that music. I was so surprised to see the Clancy Brothers on the Ipod of a young woman. Of course, the subject matter may have influenced her choice.

The battery is almost dead. We'll see what else I can find.

UPDATE: 10/23/08
I have since located the young woman who owns the ipod and made arrangements to sent it to her in the mail. More's the pity. I thought for a minute there that God was providing me with an ipod. Nope. Just using me to return someone else's. I hope this is important to some vast eternal plan.

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Assistant Village Idiot's wife said...

I found an Ipod at a local grocery store. Unfortunately the young lady only put her first name. So I put an ad in the local papers but no one who called had the right name. I was planning on using it but it ended up with Chris.