Saturday, November 8, 2008


In a desperate effort to garner more readers for this drivel, I've gone and created a profile on Facebook and linked this blog to it. So now whatever I write here will also appear there. Now I will be second guessing myself even more.

Should I publish this? Should I not publish this?

When there are only 3 or 4 readers, who cares? But when I already have 50 friends (WOW!) and they all get notified every time I publish something new...and these are people that know me...the stakes just seem higher.

We'll see how it goes. Even the illusion of anonymity has it's comforts.

Meanwhile, I appreciate those of you who trouble to comment. The rest of you, feel free to at least grunt periodically. Even if your comment lacks coherence, wit, or style, just seeing that someone commented gives me an inordinate thrill.

I don't know about you, but I could use a few more inordinate thrills.


nuddpenney said...

Hey there,

I've been a reader for a little while, but I forget exactly how I found you...perhaps a friend of a friend? I keep reading because I like the way you think about things. I'm more of a listener/reader than a commenter, so you may not hear much from me, but I'll look you up on Facebook sometime (when it's not Saturday in your time zone and Friday in mine, maybe?).

Thanks for writing.

Dubbahdee said...

Well nuddpenney, thanks for the thrill. ;-)

There are methods for tracking readers. I simply have not bothered to take much effort to place them on the blog. I'm not terribly sophisticated about the blog as blog thing. I'm more about just writing. If I did insert some kind of tracker software into the blogpage, then I wouldn't have to beg people like you to say something. I could leave to your lurking and still know that someone is out there reading. I suppose I shall look into it.

Anyhow thanks, whatever time zone you are in. Hope you find it all at least mildly valuable.

Wyman said...

I wouldn't worry about wildly increasing your readership numbers. I have about 700 friends on facebook and import all my notes, but I would doubt I get that many readers there. If you copied and pasted all your posts into Facebook as new notes instead of importing them, you'd probably get more, but I doubt it would be dramatically more.