Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bad Car-ma

I am working on several different posts right now that haven't gelled yet. The topics to come will include marriage, Jesus and Sarcasm, and Wendell Berry. Yeah..I know that's a bit rangey. Such is the private life of my head. When you spend too much time behind the wheel, you have lots of time to think about all kinds of weird poop.

But I felt like I wanted to post something tonite, so you get to read about my cars.

I just spend $1650 on a new transmission. Much less than I expected, but still not exactly cheap. Imagine my excitement when I returned home Saturday morning after making a run to our town dump, only to find a puddle of red fluid in my driveway. There is not supposed to be a puddle of anything in my driveway. It's supposed to be in the transmission. Now I still can't drive the thing anywhere. The mechanic will be hearing from me Monday morning.

Then on Saturday, on the way to the beach for a family outing, a Chevy pickup manages to back into my Outback and rip off the rear bumper cover with it's trailer hitch. To my chagrin, I must say that I gave my children a bit of a vocabulary lesson. I was already a bit uptight about several events of the morning, and when I felt the crunch on my car, I felt this parallel popping sound in my head and immediately started pounding the steering wheel and calling upon the Maker of the Universe to condemn most everything around me to perdition. And I must say that I was rather passionate about my prayers.

Yeah. Not really my proudest moment. Mostly the girls were just a little frightened, not by the words, but by my....demeanor.

After exchanging the requisite information the the other so-called driver, I pushed the bumper cover back on (mostly) and said, "There! Good as new! Let's go to the beach." We did, and had a swell time.

Sometimes, it's all just a mystery why things happen the way they do.

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