Monday, October 29, 2007

Hooh Rah! Red Sox!

Everybody loves a winner. I have no compunction about piling on. I am an admitted fair weather fan, one of those roaches that come out to cheer on the team during the championship game, but otherwise pretty much ignore them the rest of the season. At least I'm consistent. I'm the same way for all professional sports, without regard to...well, much of anything.

I have to say though, I KNEW the BoSox were going to win The Series the minute I tuned into game one. How could you possibly take seriously any team that would go out to play a Major League Baseball World Series game dressed like they had jumped straight out of a Jetson's cartoon. Really!

I also should note that the whole thing is just a little weird. I did grow up in New England. I do remember what it was like to wait just to see how the Red Sox would screw it up this time. It was a grand tradition. Now that we can say that 2004 was not a fluke, and now that the Patriots are truly dominating their sport, and now that even the Celtics are apparently showing signs of possible intelligent life, it seems to be a glorious time (leaving the Bruins out of it for the time being) to be a New England sports fan. Not that I'm paying any attention to any of this.


Anonymous said...

Come now. Is there not even a tender spot for the Packers in your New England heart?

Dubbahdee said...

Sure. Every Monday morning I listen to the news report tell of how the Packers routed their most recent opponent. I feel a slight stirring of satisfaction, a sense of destiny, a feeling of super-bowl certainty. For a moment. Then the moment passes and life goes on.
I'm not sure that qualifies as a tender spot. I've not watched a game yet. Probably won't until the playoffs at least. Got other things need doing.