Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beer and Shrapnel

My office is in the basement. Just outside the door is a set of industrial shelving that serves as our pantry. This afternoon, as I was finishing up my work, I was startled by the sound of an small explosion with wet spattering fizzing sounds and tinkling glass. It seems that a beer bottle exploded, spewing and yeastie goodness several feet. We had stored a bit of Old Brown Dog and Shoals Pale Ale from Old Smuttynose brewery, some Old Thumper from Ringwood Brewery, and Shipyard IPA. I believe it was the Shipyard that blew. I just realized how much brewers like to put the word "Old" in the names of their beers. What's that about?

The Bride narrowly missed getting a faceful, as she had been kneeling in front of that shelf seconds before. Small graces in short moments.

Our musty basement now smells rather brewery-like. I think it's an improvement. Time will tell. Even so, it's a sad waste of good beer.

As my Bride and I cleaned it up, we remarked upon how nice it was to spend a few minutes together, even it if was to clean up wasted beer. At this stage, I think we will just take our moments where we can find them.

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