Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Original Dragon

Speaking with a friend today about dragons and our proper response. Our conversation moved around to the original dragon, that one that spoke so smoothly to our Mother Eve in the Garden. It is a testament to the charm and beauty of the dragon that he was allowed to live. If he had not been so beautiful, and so attractive, and so seductive, would not Adam have seen him for what he was, grabbed a stick and beat the living crap out of him?

Why didn't he? Did he even notice that Eve was talking to a worm? Why did he not notice? And if he did, why did he not act? I'm afraid I'm not much different. I don't notice lots of things. And when I do notice them, if they are seductive, and feel good, I do nothing about them. I am indeed Adam's son. This is how we all got screwed up in the first place. Dragonslayers are not allowed to fall in love with their mortal enemies. But we want to.

So who has the bigger part of me? The first Adam, who didn't know a dragon if it bit him? Or the Second Adam, who kills all dragons without mercy, and restores both the garden and the city back to the full weight of their glory?

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